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Our Pipeline

InFlectis is developing a class of  small molecules for the treatment of  neuromuscular diseases. These are orally-available compounds intended to prolong the Integrated Stress Response (ISR) as a way to protect cells against the toxic effects of cellular stress. The Company’s lead compound, IFB-088 (icerguastat), also known as Sephin1, selectively inhibits PPP1R15A/PP1c phosphatase complex, which in turn maintains an active ISR.

Importantly, the Company’s compounds have been shown preclinically to cross the blood brain barrier, which is critical to targeting diseases of the central nervous system. Being able to cross this barrier and target CNS conditions and their core opens up new possibilities in the treatment of neurodegenerative and neuromuscular conditions. InFlectis has completed a Phase 1 clinical trial evaluating the safety of its lead compound, IFB-088, in healthy volunteers.


ALS: IFB-088

ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a progressive neurological disease where a toxic buildup of cellular proteins is thought to result in the loss of motor neurons in the brain and spine. InFlectis believes that the ability for IFB-088 offers a potential therapeutic approach against the disease (Das et al. Science, 2015; 348, p239). IFB-088 has been shown to cross the blood brain and spinal cord barriers, where it can more directly address affected cells. The company is now planning a Phase 2a clinical trial.

CMT: IFB-088

CMT, or Charcot-Marie-Tooth disorder, is a lifelong progresssive degenerative disorder of the peripheral nervous system. The resulting peripheral nerve degeneration leads to progressive sensory loss, muscle atrophy, deformities, and disabilities in hands and feet. Approximately 300,000 patients in the US and Europe live with this rare condition. Unfortunately, there are no approved treatments beyond supportive care.

IFB 088 has the potential to treat several demyelinating subtypes including CMT 1A, CMT 1B and CMT 1E, which affects  150,000 people in the U.S. and Europe. (Das et al. Science, 2015; 348, p239). The Company is now planning a Phase 2 clinical trial in the United States and Europe.

MS: IFB-048

MS, or multiple sclerosis, is an autoimmune and inflammatory disease that destroys the protective layer around nerves called myelin. Preclinical studies have shown that ISR modulators are able to protect and enhance CNS remyelination (Chen et al. eLife 2021; 10:e65469), even in an inflammatory environment. IFB-048 is a small molecule designed by InFlectis to prolong the ISR, in similar fashion to IFB-088, but tailored to address MS.